Lydia Arefeva naked caressing herself and waiting for Lobanov (interns)

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Description: [b]Naked Lydia Aref'eva. Nude photos, videos, highlights, fakes. Russian actress and TV presenter of Ukrainian origin, in the past was a famous model, winner of the title of Vice miss Ukraine 1998, for the public most famous for the role of psychologist Irina in the Comedy series Interns, as well as the host of the program good morning on channel One. Lydia hails from Ukraine and in the past was a very famous model and won prizes at beauty contests. Moreover, at the time when Arefeva was a famous model, she was filmed naked for the famous erotic magazines XXL, MAXIM, at first glance, it is difficult to even imagine it, looking at her role in Interns . Although, she looks like a very sexy woman with big Breasts, but no longer a model figure, with age, she gained a little weight, but it was only to her face. In the process of preparing material for this publication, another video was found with a completely naked Lydia Arefieva, in which she dances a Striptease and shows her large lush Breasts, where this video I do not know exactly, perhaps from some club, because when the actress was young, she was often filmed naked. See a selection of photos with a Nude Lydia Arefieva)
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