Sex on the windowsill in the style of 4 men + one girl, in two barrels.

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Description: At the end of February, we again found ourselves in Moscow on the way to a long-awaited vacation. Before departure, we had a free day, and we certainly did not miss the opportunity to walk around Moscow, and devote the evening to meeting with good old friends from the Manapart team. The format this time was scheduled to be the most that neither is optimal - MMMG, plus the man with the camera). The mood in anticipation of the holiday was excellent and depraved as ever. I wanted expressive and dynamic sex, so it turned out with a lot of blowjobs, double, squirts and other delights of this format. After about an hour of loose fucking and a short break, it was decided to diversify the meeting and please passers-by with Old Basmannaya). To do this, everyone moved to the windowsill. It took several minutes to master the new space and adjust to the unfamiliar poses. And now, the eyes of a few passers - by have already appeared an unusual scene in the window of the second floor,-two males fuck together a debauched blonde. All this was accompanied by her moans and screams. There could be no doubt, perverts gathered in a suspicious apartment and fix obscenities)). After the double, a couple more poses followed and the round ended with a Blowjob (photo attached). The adrenaline was really high, and that's what we love most about sex. After a little rest, they continued on the bed again, going through all the possible options and poses. A small video description of the powerful DP is also attached. We finished the last round with another powerful squirt, traces of which are captured in the photo. The meeting as always turned out to be bright, the reception was warm, and the sex was mind-blowing. The vacation charge was fully received, and the next day we flew to the southern hemisphere.
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