Lady with huge melons is sucking on the knees

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Description: Jenni Noble was selling water melons. She went from door to door until she rang JMac’s doorbell. Mac’s wife was shouting annoyed from the bathroom for him to open the door. He did. And he was amazed at what he saw. Two giant water melons. He asked Jenni and immediately started to motorboat her giant cleavage. He squeezed her giant breasts, pulled her nipples hard. Jenni liked it. She went quickly for his cock. The two took it to the bedroom. He started to doggy her. Her big breasts were shaking to the rhythm of his fucking. They changed positions. He fucked her more. As he was coming into her face his wife walked in and screamed in shock. She was holding one of the water melons. It dropped and shattered in a million pieces.
Models: Jenni Noble